I’m Back — And Upgraded

Hello again! It’s been a while, hasn’t it?

You know, I had a draft ready last week, a sort of “last post as a single man” type thing. The whirlpool of wedding planning took up my time, though, and I couldn’t really bring myself to post without any pictures included. Now, I promise I’ll give you some wedding pictures as soon as I get them from the photographer, but for the time being this post is all about what I’ve been up to fiber-wise. Admittedly, it’s not much. But I should think that’s to be expected from someone who’s off getting married.

Item Number One. The Geveldak Scarf is now finished! I’ll admit, the design doesn’t make the most of the scarf’s twosidedness, but I like it. I’m just happy that I was able to get to the end of a pattern repeat to before running out of yarn.Item Number Two. The Zandloper Scarf has been started. Yes, that’s right. Another brioche scarf. This one, though, makes much better use of the colors flipping, and is a completely different scarf when turned over. And it’s for my wife. 🙂

What I really love about this scarf is the blocks of the opposing color. It’s actually double-knit, rather than brioche, so it separates into two distinct layers of stockinette. By throwing in a stitch with a completely different gauge into the middle of it, it pinches in the rows around the block. It’s going fast, too, since I no longer have to count the rows of triangles on this one!

Item Number Three. Rock Island! Dyeing went, I think, very well. My sample came out a dark, rich brown. It was nice, but not right for this shawl. I couldn’t tell you exactly what I did differently, but when I went to dying the shawl itself, it came out as a very muted, lighter brown, and it suited the shawl (and bride) perfectly! And now I actually have photos of it, too.

This whole “being married” thing is working out just as I’d hoped. The wedding post is coming, as I said, but a word about the honeymoon: If you’re ever traveling through Northwest Indiana, you might think about stopping in at the Tryon Farm Guest House for a night or two. That’s where H and I spent our honeymoon, and it was just incredible. (Dwell readers might actually recognize this place, but more for the conservation community located on the same 170 acres.) I could tell you about it myself, but seriously check out the photos on the site or the Dwell article. They can give you a much better idea of it.

There’s something else I like about being married, too. You know, besides having a wife and all. I myself knit in the continental style, with my yarn snaking through my fingers. Before, the yarn did sometimes have a tendency to slip off my ring finger and mess with my tension. Now? It stays tucked neatly behind my wedding band. Pretty cool.

I’ve gotta get caught up on my unread blog posts and see what a lot of you all have been up to. Expect more frequent posts in the coming weeks, but until then, enjoy your summers. Good to be back!

  1. brokeknits said:

    That is a beautiful shawl! It looks perfect. And big congrats on the wedding!!

  2. barefootrooster said:

    congratulations! I agree — gorgeous shawl. and I love that little detail about yarn tension and your wedding band. perfect.

  3. Mazel tov! The shawl is beautiful, as is your wife (grin)… and I love the little intentional pucker in the scarf you’re making her.

    I can’t wait to see wedding pics!

  4. Congratulations!

    The Rock Island shawl looks GORGEOUS! I’ll have to try to make one of those!

  5. rmwest said:

    Congrats on being married! The shawl is so pretty…as is your wife!

  6. Rue said:

    Congratulations! All of the knitting is gorgeous but Rock Island is simply stunning.

  7. Jodi said:

    Rock Island is amazingly gorgeous, and I love the combination of fancy pattern and subtle natural-looking yarn.

    Congrats on the wedding! Wishing you all the best.

  8. Congratulations!! Looking forward to hearing more from you again 🙂

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