Last Transmission from Chicago

Well, here we are. Tomorrow morning I’ll be packing up all my stuff in a van and shoving off for…  just my parents’ house for now. The big move ain’t until the end of June.

I’m sure there will be things that I’ll miss about this place, but there is plenty else that is going to make me happy regardless of my location. For a while, I kept telling myself that there were things I needed to do, places I needed to go, as if there were some imperative to absorb local flavors. Like somehow that would validate my choice of here instead of there, would make me a real part of the neighborhood or city. Maybe I’m lazy, but I just started removing items from my  “bucket list”, as it were. I bet those little corner shops really are great, but I’m also sure that I’ll have just as much good to say about the same little places around Portland, Maine. And if/when I ever move away from Portland, I’m positive there will be just as many places that I’ll have not been to there, too. Again, it could be the laziness, or it could be some effect of introversion, but I’ll take a nice nap over going out almost every single time.

I’m excited to be sort of starting fresh more than anything else, so I’m going to get to it. Starting with this move. Anyway, goodnight all. I’ll see if I can post from the suburbs at some point, but right now this laptop is getting boxed up.

  1. Good luck with the move. I’m so behind on my blog reading, I didn’t even know you were leaving us!! Have a safe adventure.

    • The first move (Chicago to the SW burbs) went well, only one more to go! And I totally understand, I’m behind on my reading as well. I’m pretty much never at my computer, so I’m still reading posts from last week!

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