Dreaming of Brioche

Finish a lace shawl. Breathe in, then out. Cast on.

Okay, that’s not quite accurate. I slept and ate before casting on, but only to keep my body alive during the interim period.

I didn’t get a picture of the shawl, but I’ll have one later this week. I’ll be picking up dye this Wednesday, and maybe getting that whole process done soon. I’m so excited! I mean, I know it looks good now, but I can’t wait for the blocked version of it.

So, the new project; let me preface. CKU recently had an outing to Lorna’s Laces, in which we toured the facility, saw about 20 skeins of yarn dyed in the “Zombie BBQ” colorway, and shopped the mill ends. If you know Lorna’s Laces, then you don’t need me to tell you that it’s good. I mean, their mill ends are better than a lot of what I knit with regularly, so that’s a good indicator of A) the high quality of their retail-worthy product and B) my boundless miserliness. I bought a good deal of great yarn, and already had some projects in mind for it. Here, just imagine along with me.


Green Line DK. These are vertical-striped gloves.

i can see it so clearly!

Shepherd's Worsted. These are syncopated brioche scarves.

Shepherd Sock. These are a His and Hers matching sock set.

Helen's Laces. This one, I'm just going to enjoy owning for a while.

So much I could knit… Problem: I haven’t gotten a ball winder yet, and it’s all in hanks. Frig. So when I finished Rock Island, I had to face facts. My yarn sickness is so bad that I couldn’t wait two frigging days for the next CKU meetup so that I can use their swift and winder.

Luckily, I had some AslanTrends Guanaco on hand, already wound. Remember my flip-top gloves (that I still haven’t bothered blocking or tying in ends)? Well, a certain lady of mine is getting a matching set. Guanaco is a little more alpaca than merino, but it’s close enough that the gloves will go together. Also, those new needles? They’re dead-on perfect for magic loop knitting! My sanity and restless hands are saved!

  1. Rue said:

    What a find! Those LL yarns are really lovely. They almost make me want to break my stash diet.

  2. Ashley said:


    You bought the Helen’s Lace I was seeking. Curses! Is that Kerfuffle? What a nice find 🙂 Did you end up getting any Zombie BBQ? It’s one of my favorites. I was lucky enough to snatch up one skein of clearance Green Line dk from Jimmy Beans.

    And you’ve finished Rock Island?! I started the edging a few days ago and have been progressing at the rate of 2 repeats per day. At this rate I’ll be finished by, uh, December? Which yarn did you use?

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