Two Weeks and Counting

No post yesterday, sorry! I kind of like the MWF posting schedule, but my real life schedule’s not been exactly regular lately. In a good way, though. Yes, I took another mid-week day off today. And yes, part of it was so I could knit. I was just going to stay home, but it turned out that there was a midday CKU meetup, so I did my knitting there. Nice!

Well, today I have to stop holding back and let you in on a couple of things. First of all, there are these blanket squares!

I’m making them for a charity project, and the rules really only said I had to do squares that were 5.5″ wide, and the rest was up to me. I’d been hankering to try out some new brioche stitches, but the shawl more than occupies my “big project” slot. So, just knit up some swatches of anything I want, just as I might if I was practicing anyway? Don’t mind if I do! So on the bus or at work I would occasionally break out the book, pick a stitch I really liked and have at it. I got six of them done, and just wet-blocked them earlier. You’ve probably already seen the first one.

Tunisian Stitch

Syncopated Brioche


Honeycomb Brioche, two-color

Stanton Brioche

Stockinette Brioche, right side

Stockinette Brioche, wrong side. I really like the look of this one.

Anyway, so what are these for again? Well, over at Eat Craft Live I heard about this project by Handspun With Heart making blanket squares for a family recently touched by tragedy, and even before the idea of brioche practice entered my head I knew I wanted to do it.

If you checked that link, you’d see that this project is based in Portland, Maine. Yes, that is correct, despite my living in Chicago. And it was not an arbitrary choice, either. (PS, this is that news I alluded to.) H and I are getting married in a little less than a month, and at the end of June we’re actually going to be moving! Much as we love Chicago, we’ve each been yearning for a change of pace. Having a coast doesn’t hurt, either!

I could go through all the reasons and reasoning, but the long and short of it is that Maine just seems to fit us better. (Seriously, that survey placed both of us in Maine towns when we took it separately and collaboratively!) So we’re gonna blow this popsicle stand! If I met you in person, then I’m glad I got to and I’m sorry I won’t see you around anymore. And if I didn’t meet you in person or if you’re not a Chicago-based reader… carry on, because this won’t really be different for you in the least. I’m giving my two weeks’ notice tomorrow, and we’ve got a bucket list going for what we need to do in the city before we leave. Chicagoans: any suggestions?

Oh, right. Can’t post this without an update now, can I?

It’s really starting to take shape! Might even be finishing this thing next week!

  1. rmwest said:

    Ohhh all kinds of fun stuff!! Congrats on moving, a change of scenery is needed sometimes. and, I LOVE the shawl…wow!! fantastic!

    • Thanks on all counts! I’m hoping the change of scenery does us good, and I have every reason to expect it to.

  2. I love these brioche squares! You’ve inspired one of my post-exam reward knitting projects.

    • Can’t wait to see it! And if you’re looking for brioche, I totally recommend a look at Natalie Marchant’s book. So good!

  3. Rue said:

    You are absolutely going to LOVE Maine! That’s where I’m from and I’d love to get back there eventually. Make sure you eat a lobster roll (or five) for me!

    • Oh, I will! Those lobsters won’t know what hit them!

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