Bit o’ Hist’ry

Happy Monday! Short post today.

Moments ago, I finished off the last row of the Rock Island lace chart. Yes, that’s right! From here on out it’s nothing but garter stitch and right-side decreases! Oh, and I don’t have my camera handy, so the progress won’t be truly seen until maybe Wednesday with my next post. But! I did find some things out about my yarn!

I mentioned in the first shawl post that the yarn was from the town of Rochelle. Well, I decided to e-mail the City of Rochelle about it, and the answer was surprisingly prompt, if not as informative as I’d daydreamed. The company was called Caron, and it’s been closed for a number of years (exact number wasn’t given). A quick googling brought me this:

penny postcard, sweet eh?

I skulked around town on Street View for a while, but couldn’t find anything that looked right. I kept googling, and found another item. I’ll admit, I’ve not read this whole thing and it brings me no closer to finding out the age of my specific cone. But it still seems to bring more to this project.

“Of course, I consented and that was the beginning of Caron Spinning Company.” Consented? To what, you may well ask! I suppose you’ll have to read this sordid tale to find out! (Not actually sordid from what I could tell. Sorry.)

Thanks to for the cover image and for writing the darned thing. Have a good week!

  1. Hannah van Loon said:

    Who doesn’t like a bit of history? 🙂

  2. rmwest said:

    I can’t wait to see the shawl! I love lace knitting soooo much!

  3. brokeknits said:

    A little history with your knitting is always nice. Can’t wait to see the shawl!

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