Here’s the update I promised!

I honestly didn’t get to the Rock Island lace until Wednesday evening thanks to obsessive counting and re-counting (which didn’t stop me from decreasing one time too many). Once I started, though, it only took a couple rows for me to completely renege on that “not taking it on the bus” idea.

Before, I was looking at the chart and the phrase “6 stitch repeat (work 17 times per row)”, and I was sure I was in for some horrid experiences with counting and losing my place. Turns out that the Rock Island chart is simpler to work than the edging! Oh, hey Easy Street. I’ve been walking all over you and didn’t even notice.

Maybe it’s that I have a better feel for lace knitting now. Regardless, the pattern is repetitive, it makes sense, and it’s a lot harder to accidentally mess up. The edging has all these spots where you might pick up the wrong stitch or mistake your current row for another. Here, the design pretty much limits your options for complete bungling. The only thing that occasionally gets past me is when a yarn over sneaks to the other side of a knit stitch, and that’s a relatively easy fix.

You can really see the outer layer yarn's discoloration. Good thing we're dying it.

I’ll admit, I’ve had two nigh-disastrous flubs so far, or so I thought at the time. But in a calm, careful way, I was able to drop down a couple rows on a select few stitches and work back up, both times completely fixing the problem. I don’t know if knitting a lacy white wedding shawl can really gel with feeling badass, but I totally do.

Also! I found out more about my old yarn… but you’ll have to wait until next week to find out! Unless you were at CKU last night, then I might have already told you. Also to be presented next week: some big news and a side project. That’s right, three teasers!

Have a good weekend!

  1. I’m almost inspired to try lace again… almost… 🙂

    • Haha. Well, hopefully the finished product is nice enough to push you over the edge. I’m actually having a lot of fun with this shawl!

  2. Rue said:

    Gorgeous! I’m glad the pattern has you work the edging first. I was so sick of working Juneberry by the time I was part-way through the edging. But there’s something really fun about watching the rows get shorter and shorter as you work. Enjoy! Hopefully I’ll be joining you on that project soon.

  3. You are totally badass and lace is badass and so is knitting for that matter…or at least that’s what I tell myself.

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