It was my day off yesterday, and I’m still tackling the next part of the shawl. But since that is still happening in the present, that update will likely be Friday, when I’ve a little more to show for it.

So this post? It hit me yesterday what I’d left out a while back, and that’s what this is.

New needles! Circular needles in every size 0 through 15. Well, maybe not every. I’m sure there are some decimal sizes not included. No irrational numbers, either, despite how cool it would be to have a π mm needle.

These things are interesting. They’re a little more blunt than I’m used to (not always a bad thing) and the cable connecting the needles is a weird plastic tubing. The con is that they can kink, much like a garden hose. The pro is that they do not belligerently insist on staying in a coiled shape like most of my other circulars.

They will probably never be my favorite tools, but they’ll do what I need and in most any size. I gladly welcome them into the cardboard box of needles, hooks, and other ephemera.

Bonus photo! This is what yesterday felt like.


  1. Rue said:

    Yay for new needles! You can never have too many (even if my circular needle holder would beg to differ).

    • I agree! You can only have too small of a container.

  2. Sometimes boiling water and dipping the cable into it briefly will stop your other cable needles from coiling.

    Those look really cool! And they look like bamboo – are they?

    • I’ve done that for headphone cords and it worked. I’ll have to try it once the shawl’s off these needles.

      And yes! Bamboo! That’s another reason why I’m willing to forgo any kinking, because I love working with bamboo needles.

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