Gin + Jacket

I’d meant to post Friday, then Saturday, then Sunday. But you’re about to get them all for the price of one.

So first of all, Vermouth. It’s been done, but now you get to see it!


For the record, it was the right length when I originally measured it. But then with the weight of all that cotton pulling downward, it magically became a cape. Part of that has to do with the raglan decreases stretching at the shoulder far more than anything else. The lengths were actually still reasonably right, but rather than extending down and out from my armpit like I’d measured, it was from a point far removed from my body.

What the follow-up post would have contained is this: I fixed it. I probably owe it to EZ in some part, as I’ve taken to telling myself that “I’m the boss of my own danged knitting!” A situation like this would normally leave me feeling sort of helpless; what can I do to a finished piece to fix the shaping, the stitch count, anything? Length was an easy one, though. Just cut!

And then re-thread.

And bind off.

Not the stretchiest edge I’ve made, but it works. It’ll likely be another “around-the-house” jacket, but those are still nice!

frump frump frump

And… it’s still kind of big horizontally. Better than if I’d kept it on the 8s, but I probably still could have gone down a needle size. This is what happens when I follow patterns, it seems like. I’m going to leave jackets, sweaters, and their ilk alone for now, but when next I visit them you can bet I’ll be going patternless again. And maybe even brioche! But that’s later, later.

Besides that stuff the only other important item was the shawl. Still on the lace edging.



And right now, I’m at the 61st repeat. 10 to go. Oh, and I’m taking the day off tomorrow so that I can knit. Expect a post, because I won’t have an excuse not to!

And for those of you who celebrated, I hope you had a lovely Easter.

  1. barefootrooster said:

    bold move, you with those scissors! well done. i love the brown buttons, and i am in awe of your pattern-free knitting! also, that is a pretty fantastic hard-boiled egg-man.

    • The buttons are actually my favorite part of it! I took them off of a sweet old suit coat that my grandpa retired, so the buttons are probably well older than myself.

  2. Rue said:

    Nice fix to the sweater. It’s amazing how much cotton droops, isn’t it? And swatching never tells you how much this is going to happen (unless you knit a sweater-sized swatch, which I absolutely refuse to do).

    I love that you’re taking the day off to knit!

    • I was seriously blown away. I’ve never worked with cotton on quite this scale before.

      I bet there’d be a way to figure out a “droop coefficient” using hanging weights and convoluted math…

  3. I second the Rooster. Brave man, taking the blade to the sweater! Good save!

  4. That is the funny thing about cotton when you don’t use a really tight gauge (and even then).

    Good work channeling EZ and taking control of your dang knitting 😉

  5. Chris said:

    Wow you are tackling some challenges with the needles…as for me, am doing some mindless projects, scarves and hats!!
    Getting back to a sweater that I ripped out completely last week…maybe in a couple weeks will try it again.

  6. Elizabeth Zimmerman is absolutely awesome. And she’s right – be the boss of your own knitting!

    I love that you shortened the sweater the way you did, it looks great!

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