Quick Notes

Note 1: Sleeves attached! I’ll be finishing this soon!


Note 2: So, I’ve been making some 5.5″ squares for a charity blanket project, and I thought that it would be a great opportunity to really test out some brioche stitches. They pretty much all look good, but the Tunisian Brioche Stitch in particular caught my eye. This is a surprisingly easy stitch to work, and you really ought to try it sometime, even if just for a swatch.

Also, as soon as I had a finished square in my hands, I recalled the phrase from the stitch description: “A long time ago, Tunisian knitted fabric served as a foundation for embroidery.” Then I had a delightful idea. Craft crossover! The stitching makes a grid so even that it’s almost supernatural… sort of similar to cross-stitch fabric. Are you getting my drift?

Here it is backlit on my monitor, to better show off the grid. This image brought to you by binder clips.

Try this out. Get a few yards of sock or finer weight yarn, knit up a square of this stitch and try to tell me it isn’t perfect for cross-stitching. (Block it, though. Mine, obviously, has way too loose of a bind-off, and could use a good blocking. It’s in the weekend plans.)
If you’re like me, you probably like the idea of pixellated knitting, maybe even the incorporation of video game sprites into your favorite sock or scarf. And if you’re like me, you really, really hate knitting with multiple colors in most everything besides striping. Now you can just cross-stitch. Discrepancy reconciled!

Have that cake and eat it too.

  1. Chris said:

    You are getting me inspired to ‘finally’
    get out my ‘Knitting Brioche’ book and
    give it a try! Have been mostly just looking
    at the book and been a little intimidated.
    Now I’m going to give it a try, next project.
    Thanks for the push!

    • Hooray! Once you get a few rows in, it’s repetitive enough to catch on really quick. I hope you make some great projects!

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