One More Step In

Huh-woops. Forgot to schedule this thing for the weekend while I was out-of-town. But you get to read it now, so it’s just as well.

Since the start of this blog I’ve made a conscious effort to become part of the knitting world. I’m on Ravelry, I go to knitting groups, and I stop in at LYSs more than once in a blue moon.

A number of days ago, (the same day I made the swift, actually,) a box showed up at my apartment. “Needles!” I thought. I was wrong, but the contents did have to deal with knitting: books! Of course, I should have anticipated that Amazon would ship a little faster than a China-based eBay seller.


Now, these are all fantastic books. I rifled through Ravelry’s myriad “What’s a good knitting book?” posts until I was satisfied that these were good picks. And how right I was.

I’m almost embarrassed that my previous exposure to EZ was so limited that I didn’t even get a good feel for her. Not so anymore. I was nearly late leaving for work one morning when Knitting Without Tears got its hooks into me. I’d meant to just glance at it, but before I knew it I had ten minutes to go and 20 minutes’ worth of things I hadn’t done to get ready. I’m still barely into the book at all, and I know that this woman is my kind of knitter and writer. As such, I’m loving it.

The other books all seem good and well (I want to follow the Knitter’s Almanac some year), but the last one is the one I’m really, really excited about.

Knitting Brioche.

In earlier posts and in person, I’ve admitted my love of brioche, especially of the honeycomb variety. So I was pretty excited to look through it. Turns out that the author, Nancy Marchant, is the same woman behind, one of my favorite go-to resources on the net for knitting ideas.  A bunch of the patterns in here are already in my Ravelry queue, and I’m making some non-pattern plans as well. Future posts, all.

Godspeed, readers, as you embark on your Monday.

  1. rmwest said:

    I had no idea there were so many types of brioche stitch. No. Idea.

  2. My point of reference for “brioche” involved a decadently enriched yeast dough. Your post has given me something to look forward to exploring once my exams are over! Thanks!

    • Oh, what I would give for a warm brioche roll… Perhaps your post-exam plans should include brioche in both senses of the word.

  3. Rue said:

    I absolutely love Knitting Without Tears! Enjoy!

  4. What a great assortment of books. I think I have most of those too!

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