Friday Fun: Wreck My Blog

Uh oh! I’m way off the beaten path! There’s nothing remotely about knitting in this post! I’m very sorry to betray my very first post this way, but it’s Friday, so we’re just gonna throw that out the window for a bit.

Here are some fun little diversions to celebrate the weekend that I found through some webcomics I follow. Are any of you familiar with Katamari Damacy? If not, I highly encourage at least a skim of the Wikipedia page. Or better yet, search it on youtube. It’s definitely… unique.

This first item will basically turn any page you are on into that game. Now if you’re bored at work (I know I am) but your social network pages are bringing you nothing new, your RSS feeder is dry, and you don’t feel like reading informative articles… maybe just try it. Go to any page and roll it all into a garbled ball! It’s silly, but sometimes that’s the best fun. Head over to, and they’ll show you how.

Next item.

Older readers: do you remember Asteroids? Maybe you’re bored and you want a nostalgia kick. This site does something very similar as the first, except it turns any page you’re on into Asteroids!

Maybe this stuff isn’t for you, and that’s ok. But I love it. And I can assure you, if I regularly read your blog (which is probably true for most of you bloggers reading mine), then I have destroyed any number of your posts at least once. But probably more than once. So I invite you: shoot, roll up, and otherwise destroy my blog today. But try not to like it too much.

Happy weekend!

  1. Ahh, asteroids. Used to play for hours at the arcade. That and Frogger. Does that show my age?

    • Not at all! I’m fairly young (I think), and I still consider Asteroids and Frogger some of my favorite games. It just shows you have good taste in games!

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