Swiftly, Swiftly

I had a productive day yesterday, but not how you’d think. In fact, my actual knitting was at bare minimum. No, I did something else. I built a yarn swift.

oo, ah

Thanks to this post over at A Book And Some Yarn, I was able to find very straightforward instructions on how to assemble this beast. In the end, the price listed on the PDF was somewhat misleading, but maybe that’s just because I live in Chicago. No matter how you slice it, it was cheaper than a wooden swift, and more fun, since it appealed to my crafty side. Oh, and it beats a wooden yarn swift in another class, too — ugliness. I will not deny that a mess of plastic piping isn’t exactly beautiful, but it’ll be a lot cheaper to replace. I’ll give the results of my efforts in a bit, but why don’t we enjoy some photos of the process first?




Side note: my larger drill bit is MIA, so I had to do the tiny hole and then somehow enlarge it. At first, I was working my way up with larger and larger screws, using them to file the edges of the hole. Then the epiphany hit that another advantage of PVC is that it melts. Light the stovetop! (Note to children: please try this in your own home! You will be amazed at the magic of it! Be sure to ask mummy and pops what else needs melt-holes!)


screw you, missing drill bit! i ain't missing you at all!


As with any project, it has its imperfections, but they are minor ones. The arms spin evenly, and the test worked beautifully, and that’s all that really matters. Replacement parts for potential repairs will be pocket change and found wherever hardware supplies are sold. Nice!

And the test hank? This stuff could be good yarn, it really could. It just feels so dirty! Not after I wash the heck out of it, though, which I can do now that it’s not a hand-wound ball. (Yes, I could (and should) have washed it when it was still a sweater. Oops?) I hope to have many more thrift-hanks wound up all neat and nice like this guy. Now I just need a ball winder…

    • Thanks! One of the knitters at my last meetup told me about it, and thanks to google, I found it! It was super easy, too, and I highly recommend doing it if you have use for it.

  1. rmwest said:

    THAT IS SO AWESOME!! Sorry for the yelling, but seriously…

    • Haha. I’ll spare you the boring details, but my current assignment at work has me typing in all caps so much that it doesn’t even phase me anymore.

      But still, I think yelling is permitted here. 🙂

  2. Rue said:

    Fabulous! It’s amazing how much easier, better, etc. knitting is once you have a swift.

  3. Fan-freaking-tastic. I love this. I would imagine that the yarn won’t get as perilously close to getting caught on the snag inviters I have on my umbrella swift. Ah well…

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