From Whence Thou Camest, Therefore Shalt Thou Return


Acronym for the deceased or onomatopoeia? Both, at least for Vermouth. I finally got it onto waste yarn two nights ago to really truly check its width, and was blown away.

hahaha, oh jeezFifty. Eight. Inches. I wish this were an April Fool. I could’ve bound off right there and had a scarf knit width-wise. Or the beginnings of a blanket. Or anything, really, other than a jacket. I wish I’d discovered this sooner, and probably could’ve, but having it all scrunched onto the circulars really fooled me about how badly this was going.

For the second time in its life (that I know of), this ball of yarn was ripped out from a knitted piece and reduced to about the size of a softball. At first, I was stressed, annoyed, and angry at the wasted time this monstrosity represented. But (with H’s help) I was reminded what I started this project for: practice.

This piece is for me to focus on how I knit, about planning ahead for multiple pieces fitting together, about being careful. Which I was not doing. I was, as per usual, just plowing ahead and assuming that blocking could fix all my troubles, but not anymore. With the right perspective in place, I let out a sigh and started frogging. It was actually pretty fun, seeing the various ways we could pull out stitches. Dropping, throwing, wearing while walking away, and flailing about wildly were all employed methods. Embarrassingly, I was reminded of that Weezer song.

I have since figured out my gauge (size 6 needles oughta do it!) and have cast on again. As I had not brought my camera yesterday, the post was delayed, and I’ve actually already got a few inches on here. It almost seems to be going faster now, even though the stitch count is the same. It must be a sign.

title text, you are just full of yourself.Have a good weekend, all. And keep checking your back for fish today! You never know when you’ll get tagged

PS – I could have sworn I hit “publish” at about noon. Didn’t any of you e-mail subscribers get the notice, too? And yet, at 4PM, the post was nowhere to be seen… Curse you, WordPress!

  1. Rue said:

    Oh my – I didn’t expect the piece to have gotten that big! At least you’re moving forward again, right? Good luck with take 2!

    • Thanks! Take 2 is looking so, so much better. And I’m putting the buttonholes on the right side this time, so it was all for the best.

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