Adventures in Frogging

You know what I love? Ripping out work. Ripping row after row after row. Frogging, apparently, is the term on ravelry. Know what I don’t like so much? Not having a ball winder or a yarn swift to properly wind up my thrift-skeins.

Ah, yes. An explanation. So, I mentioned that I was at a thrift store a few posts ago, and that I found some nice materials. That cowl was one result, and the other… well, it’s not quite anything yet. Haven’t even cast on. But the plan is to make a basic jacket out of the green cotton fiber.

Were I being really good about this, I’d have unraveled the pieces into a large loop, which’d be easier to soak, hang dry, and wind. As it is, I’ve got these dumb balls of yarn. Getting them into skeins would take about just as much time as getting them into balls would, and I’m not really excited to invest double time on this. You may not have noticed (believe me, I did!), but there was a space of time recently in which I wasn’t producing many finished objects, or even having much progress on my WIPs. It wasn’t just the teeth (which are better now, thank you), it was this green stuff.

at least one of us liked all these yarn balls

My prime working time, that being the bus ride to and from work, was spent unraveling a sweater and winding it into several balls. Took a lot longer than I expected or wanted, but I was intent on finishing it before knitting something else. And of course, I discovered that it wasn’t nice thick fiber like I’d thought, but rather a smaller fiber that had been double-knit.

I balled up both strands at once, and I’m just going to knit both. I’m not going to soak and wind, because this one is for myself, and for practice. My sweaters, to be honest, have not come out right. Ever. So I need to do some more piecework and get better, and I don’t need anything fancy to do that.

Also worth noting: In reorganizing my stash, one of the gems I found was actually a small ball of tweed yarn and 1.75 gloves made of it.

I’d never finished them, as the intended recipient is now out of touch. The gloves weren’t great anyway. It was a bunch of ridges of continuous star stitch weaving up the arm. Sounds nice, but there was NO stretch to it width-wise, and the result was something akin to a Chinese finger trap, but for your forearm. (By the way, if “continuous star stitch” doesn’t ring a bell, it’s because I made it up. I’m writing a post about it, but there’re no photos on it yet.)

not the bird

So, I added it to the frogging list. And the result? Well, it’s actually already been turned into something else. If you’re on ravelry you can get a hint, but I don’t have any photos up. I’ll post it soon, don’t worry.

Hope you’re all enjoying your weekends. It doesn’t feel like spring here, but I’ll be doing some much-needed cleaning anyway.

PS – I’ve followed this other site for a while, but only recently added it to my blogroll. If you like psychology, having your own self-deception revealed, or feel like you just need to be taken down a peg because you’ve forgotten that your brain is the same machine that’s in everyone else’s head, go over to You Are Not So Smart. They just had a nice post about Farmville. Well, not totally about Farmville, but you’ll see.

  1. I love that yarn – the green one! Curious to know what it’d weave itself into…

    • Well, I actually cast on for something just yesterday, so you’ll be seeing the results soon. It’s looking really good so far, too!

  2. What a big job. I can totally see how a winder and swift would help…but glad the kitty was happy with the new “toys” ha ha.

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