The Secret Ingredient is SPITE

So, I caved. Sorta.

Yes, that picture is of a brand new neckwarmer, or “cowl”, as they are commonly referred to as. (Batman’s headpiece is a cowl, for the record, and he wouldn’t be caught dead in one of these awful scarflettes.) I am not changing my stance that I established earlier, not at all. But I did make one, clearly.

Before you start making an i-cord noose, remember that I only asked you to hang me if I priced it above… what was it? $15. And that’s what I’m asking. Technically, I said $10 or $15, but this was a 2-ball sucker, and was more unwieldy than I’d expected. (The experience of fitting so many stitches on 9-inch needles prompted me to bid on — and win!! — a bunch of circulars on eBay. Yay!) I still stand by this being a pittance compared to other neckwarmers, though.

this whole thing... squished onto 9-inch needles. jeez.

As for why I made it (and also to explain the title): spite. I do not like cowls, and I made it to spite the trend by pricing it cheaply. In fact, 2/3 of the yarn came from a weird half-scarf that I got for less than a dollar at the thrift store.I knew right away that it was Lion Brand T&Q, and that I had some scraps of the same color, and the idea was born in that instant. Over last weekend, I cast on 50-odd stitches of kitchener ribbing, knitted it up extremely high and called it good.

this probably isnt how you wear these things but what do i know

So, I hope someone actually buys it over at the shop once it’s listed. I’m waiting for a white wall and some daylight before getting the Etsy pictures done. I hope that when the future owner wears it they can feel the cold, disdainful negativity that went into every stitch. (And I hope they feel like they got a deal!)

  1. OMG, you are hilarious. I don’t totally get the cowl thing either.

    • Haha, thanks. It’s also part of why I made it so freaking huge.

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