Yep. Another non-knitting-but-still-craft-related post. It’s short(ish), but I wanted to post for two things.

1) The invites are finished and in the mail! I could describe it, but a photo does a better job.

I will say, though, that I love how they turned out. It was a lot more involved than I think either H or I expected at the outset when we decided to make them ourselves, and we had to re-buy certain materials and make far too many trips to craft/paper stores. It was frustrating at times, but with them behind us we can feel the immense satisfaction of a job well done and self done. And we saved a hella ton of money! And on top of all that, it was a really great learning experience to get so entrenched in a project as a couple. Now I know what to expect when designing something a little bigger, say, a house. (And… yikes? No, it’s gonna be great!)

2) My second package showed up to go with the new calligraphy stuff, and just in time to address some envelopes! INK. (I swear this is not a sponsored post, but I’m gonna make it sound like it!)

And not just any ink, but J. Herbin! I feel so frigging posh using this stuff; thick glass inkwells with labels written only in French. My favorite part? There’s a little lip on the front edge to rest your pen. I guess the company’s been around since 1670. That’s more than a century longer than America.

Writing with dip pens really makes me rethink cursive writing. It felt so frivolous in 6th grade with a ball-point, but nibs don’t last long in printing, and everything looks blotchy. Cursive almost becomes necessary. And it looks nice, to boot.

Anyway, feast your eyes on Vert Empire and Lie de Thé,  the two newest additions to my writing desk. If anyone wants to write me a snail-mail (and I would welcome it!), I can tell you what I’ll be writing back with.

  1. Hannah van Loon said:

    I hadn’t really thought about our making invites together as our first project together… I promise I will be better behaved in our next project! I am excited to do many more creative things with you!

  2. Congratulations you two! Gorgeous invites. Very very nice.

    • Thanks so much! Hopefully all our guests agree with you! 🙂

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