Nap Time

Shoot. So, did any of you wait on bated breath yesterday for my post? Probably not. Being a weekend, maybe you wouldn’t have even been at your computer anyway? I know I was barely at mine, as the lack of the promised post would indicate.

But the real reason for the lack of posting is much simpler: I didn’t finish. I was on the very last step of my aforementioned secret project, and I found myself lacking the time I needed. There is a very good excuse here, and it’s not Daylight Savings Time (though I do abhor the event, and it may have had its hand to play in the events of the day as well). No, it was because I was asleep during the productive hours of the afternoon. So be honest, could you resist this?it was even more relaxing than this looks. I could not. Much as I love knitting, it will always still be there on the other side of a good nap.

One good thing about DST? Actual frigging DAYLIGHT in my knitting photos on weekdays. Look out for better photos soon!

  1. rebkatz said:


    I think if I had a cat, I might take more naps. They are very persuasive, aren’t they?

    • Sometimes to the point of being bossy, in this cat’s case.

      • rebkatz said:

        When I was growing up, our cat would go to the next door neighbor’s house and meow so piteously that they thought (more or less facetiously, as they knew us well) that we didn’t feed him! Cat (that was his name) got some very nice treats from Jim and Judy–people tuna, crab… He was smart, Cat was.

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