Basket Case Closed

I’ve got to be out the door in about ten minutes ago, so this ought to be quick. Knowing myself, it won’t be. Still, can’t hurt to try. I shipped off my last outstanding order today! Thanks to the grueling all-agency meeting we had on Friday, I was allowed plenty of knitting time, and here is the result.



Like the original hat in the Etsy listing, it’s a slightly shortened basket-weave pattern, but I made the brim a little tighter and in 1×1 instead of 2×2 this time. That link is actually to the sale of the hat shown below, but when they bought it they asked for a different color. A sale is a sale, and while I could complain that they didn’t convo me to set up a separate custom listing, I’m happy with how it all worked out. Since the original didn’t actually sell, I can just re-list the item. Enough talking. Pictures!



And, some notables: I had an amazing haul at the thrift store today. Got me a cowl (which I am positive was made with Lion Brand T&Q in Charcoal) and a green cotton sweater. Now why did I do that, when I could knit them myself? So that I could knit them myself. I’m trying to save some money, and now that my orders are all finished, I’m free to knit whatever the heck I want! And I happen to want a hoodie for cooler summer nights or fall. (No way I finish this for spring, seeing as the equinox is in a week.) As much as I love to support the Chicago LYSs, I don’t know that I could justify spending that much money on some selfish knitting.

So, let me clarify on that earlier statement: I did not get a cowl and a sweater; I got some entire balls and skeins of quality fiber that have already been assembled into single easy-to-carry pieces. And sometimes, don’t you love to rip out rows and rows of work? Maybe it’s the masochist in me, but I get a thrill out of it. And now I can have all the ripping with none of the painstaking work that went into it. Oh, and I checked the seams, it’s all in one piece. No serged edges here.

It’s taken me too long, and I’m off. But, I will have another post tomorrow! I’m almost done with my secret project. If you follow the facebook page at all, you might have a clue about this. Otherwise, you’ll have to wait… Hope you’re all enjoying your weekend!

  1. Nice work on the hat, and very creative “yarn” shopping. I am working from stash this year…no new yarn other than what I get in swaps.

    Can’t wait to hear about the secret project, since I don’t have FB, I haven’t a clue 😉

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