Excuses, Excuses

So, it’s back to work today. And back to blogging as well. It starts with a wall of text, but there will be plenty of photos, trust me!

As an update on the teeth: recovery is steady and positive, but I thought after 2.5 days of rest, I’d be free of pain. Not so. In fact, it seems to be more painful today than the day following extraction, but this may be due to the fact that I’m no longer quite as rigorous about getting up in the early AM’s to take my medicine right at the 6-hour mark. I’ve got my icepack here at work, and my supervisor said I don’t have to be taking phone calls today, so I’m happy about that. And really, it’s not so bad. Feels like I knocked my face into something or got punched moderately hard.

And knitting? Sadly, I did not make use of my time off like I thought. I imagined a flurry of needles and fiber, and at least two hats and a scarf to result from my bed rest. Again, not so. I made one hat, tried it on, and then proceeded to frog the whole dang thing, since apparently I forgot how to count. Seven sections of eight, I told myself. And my hands did eight sections of eight, which especially in super bulky yarn results in something way bigger than you intend. That was my yesterday. And Tuesday? Well, that’s actually what I’m sharing with you today.

It’s not knitting, but it’s crafting for sure. Tuesday, my Hannah and I cut, punched, taped and stamped the main portion of our wedding invites. We found an excellent (free!) font and printed them up, two per sheet, then took a paper cutter to them. This was actually the most frustrating portion of the process, as the ruler on the paper cutter was about 1/8 inch off-set from the grid lines. I used a separate ruler to check, and it seemed that the grid itself was another 1/8 inch off! And after everything was cut, I re-measured with another ruler again. Turns out that first separate ruler was off, and the grid had been correct. Can no one agree on what an inch is? I thought this was a standard measurement!

Note about the font: when there are double Os, it links them, and TH combos cross eachother. A lot of the fonts on the linked site do similar things, so consider yourself warned! You’ll never be able to be satisfied with a simple, pre-loaded font ever again.


As I was saying, the paper was cut.

Then the corners were punched.

Then the edges were punched and a window was added.

And, finally, taped onto a green backing and stamped with a bird. It’s gonna be outdoors, so we’re going for a very nature-y theme here.

And the best thing about those paper punches? Thousands of tiny dots of paper. I’m going to be finding these things in every drawer of my desk for the rest of eternity. When I die, my grandchildren will think that there is dandruff in my casket. Except it will be these dots of paper.

And a last fun tidbit. I got my calligraphy stuff in the mail! I’m a sucker for anything old-fashioned, especially hand-written letters. And I decided one day that as long as I’m shooting for old-fashioned, I might as well go overboard and get a dip pen and an inkwell. Via John Neal, Bookseller I got myself some real quality nibs and a mahogany holder, to replace the basic (and admittedly pretty sub-par) pen parts I had previously. I’m waiting for my green and brown inks from another supplier, but I already started having fun with the new nibs. And making a mess.

Actual knitting photos soon to come, I promise!

  1. rebkatz said:

    Beautiful invitations!

  2. Very lovely invitations! When is your big day?

    • June 4th! 86 days away, I think? It’s exciting how close it feels!

  3. Hannah van Loon said:

    I am just glad your boss let you be off phones today!

  4. rmwest said:

    love love the invitations!!

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