Gonna be Quite a Week

T minus 3.5 hours and I’ll be in a dentist chair getting my wisdom teeth out. Or, as I phrased it to Hannah this morning, “getting bones cut out of my face”. Sorry for the mental image! I plan to do a lot with my 3 days off work, but depending on how out of it I am, I may not post until later. But I guess I’ve settled into about 2-3 posts per week, so that’s about right.

Two things, before I leave for my fun day. First, the anchor! This is the second to last post I’ll ever have about it. Maybe the last! If you follow the facebook page, you might already know this, but it’s DONE. Take a look:

Not much now, I know. I’m hoping the client sends a picture to me once it’s all sewn together. A conservative estimate of yardage has this whole thing at about 1530 yards, and that is really, really rounding down. 1530 yards of super bulky yarn, geez. Well, it’s off to the UPS store with all this.

Second, the flip-tops! I haven’t added the actual flip-top on the left hand, but that might be all the better for showing off what I did here. I’m really making these things with next winter in mind. Specifically, the first winter of when I’m married. (Kind of a fuzzy photo, but I’ve got to get going! No time to fix things!)

I’ve actually had this idea before, and worked it into my father-in-law’s Christmas present (which I sadly did not take pictures of). I remember walking around the city, imagining how nice it will be to have a ring on my hand to publicly show my relationship status. But then I remembered that I also love wearing gloves, and in the colder months I won’t be able to show off my ring. Thus, the “Married Man’s Gloves” idea was born. And I think I’m gonna try making another pair for Etsy.

I kept trying to take a picture of the glove palm-up, but something about that position of my arm was irresistible to the cat. I tried for nearly 5 minutes, but every time I put my arm down, the cat appeared from some corner of the room and laid on it. So this is as good as the palm-up pictures got.

Oh, and one more item! There is an awesome project called 146+ over at MicroRevolt, and there’s still time for you to get involved! But I won’t explain it here. I’ll let Second Storey Knits tell you about it, since it’s their post that clued me in to it in the first place. I’d love to see your name on the participants list! I’ll be #88!

  1. Hi Kitty! Love the ring on the gloves.
    And remember–20 minutes on with the ice pack, 10 minutes off.

  2. rmwest said:

    The ring on the gloves is such a fun idea!!

  3. That cat is hilarious. Nice work on the anchor and the gloves. I like the idea of the ring on the finger…very cool.

    Hope the wisdom teeth extracted themselves without too much ado. I remember having that surgery a long long time ago.

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