One Down


How have I been living without nice alpaca flip-tops? It boggles the mind.

Of course, I still have one more to do, but if it’s anything like this one, (and it should be,) then I will be quite satisfied.

Note the off-set cable! That was actually due to Hannah’s suggestion, but the I really like the end result, and am glad I decided to do it. A down-the-middle cable would be boring.


Despite this being the first project to use a purchased pattern, I couldn’t help myself. Virtually every step of the way, I threw in modifications of all sorts. Extra stitches, different thumbs, etc. But I think this is a very comfortable way to work for me. Using a tried and true pattern as a jumping-off point, I can be more confident in little tweaks here and there.

And, as promised, a picture of the tam, being worn by the man himself.

Tam Man

NEWS! Some fun happenings over on Etsy since this draft was started! My hat was featured in a treasury, and I thought “Okay, cool. Sounds fun.” Then, the dang treasury hit the front page! And my goodness, a little exposure goes a long way! That spiral cornrows hat that I’m so keen on was ever so slowly nearing its 100th view, and I was pretty excited about that. Now, it’s got over 1500, and the views have spilled over onto other items as well. Very nice. There is a particular exhiliration that came to me around this time in 2009, when I received my very first paycheck as a young man living away from his family. The feeling of “oh, all that work is actually paying off!” Well, that’s about where I’m at right now.

And today’s non-related photo: all the evidence you need to prove that I’ve got far too much free time at work.

I am so productive at work!

  1. rebkatz said:


    • I freaking love these things! I keep a few from every job, and have a huge collection. I’ve noticed that if you take the larger sized clips and remove the metal wire from them, you get some pretty effective cable “needles”.

  2. LOL about the binder clips, and awesomeness about the knitting exposure! Yay!

  3. Elizabeth said:

    Wow, those are some special pants! Never saw anything quite like them 😉

    Can’t wait to see what you work on over the wedding weekend!

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