A Bad Pun and Free Shoes

Nothing much today, but for the sake of content, I’ve a few photos for you. I’ve been sneaking in some other projects on the side of the anchor. Less than I’d like, but progress is still progress. Without further blathering:

These are gonna be my gloves. I got just past the waste yarn for the thumb this morning. The pattern doesn’t call for an afterthought thumb or a cable running down the back. But I wanted them, and so here we are.



My good friend Beckah‘s mittens. Still just the cuff, but I like it. I like anything with cables, though.  It occurred to me in my too-brief periods of work on these gloves that I could easily finish either pair in just a matter of hours. Were I given the whole day I could get them both done, were I to stay focused (not likely). As it is, however, I feel like I’m in a town in Alaska. And why? (Brace yourself.) Because everywhere I look, I’m surrounded… by anchorage. Cheesy rimshot, please. I counted the pending pieces up, though, and I’m entering the home stretch now. Ere long, we’ll be seeing more projects being started and finished on here.


PS – Any of you Chicagoans out there, please note that if you head to 13th and Wood, there is a free pair of shoes for the taking!

  1. Hannah van Loon said:

    I like all your pics and especially the free shoes one. I also like you:)

  2. Love the colors and afterthought thumbs are fun. Enjoy!

    Oh and PS, even though the shoes aren’t really my style…I’m so tempted (lol).

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