Reclaiming the Weekend

Did you notice the small change? (If not, check the sidebar!) It’s something I’ve been planning for a while, actually. My fiancée has this little drawing mannequin, see. Now, ages ago I was teaching her friend to knit continental; by the end of the evening, I’m not sure she had any idea what I was talking about, but I had somehow knitted up a tiny little hat out of garden hemp. Turns out it fit that mannequin perfectly! I don’t remember when it came to me, but I thought I might give it half a scarf, and have the scarf still be on “needles”, aka toothpicks, so that it looked like the little mannequin was the one doing the knitting.

And then, in a flash of collective inspiration, my Hannah and I grabbed some old felting wool and taped on… A BEARD! Yes, we now have a lovely little avatar of sorts. I was so happy with the thing that I took a lot of photos. Probably too many. But they’re all up in an album over at the facebook page, if you want to see.

Anyway, let’s get to it. #1, I finished the tam! It’s right about the length I was hoping for, and it came together at the end. Micah, don’t read further than this, it will spoil the surprise!

It doesn’t look too great on my head, seeing as I have zero dreadlocks.

Still, the design was successful. I’ll post a new photo later of the thing being worn successfully by my bro-in-law.

#2. I was thinking of doing more anchor work yesterday, but I stopped. After the tam, I realized that being between pieces on the anchor, I had nothing on my needles. As in zero, zilch, nada. If I wanted to knit anything, I was going to have to cast on. But… I didn’t really want to work on the anchor. I’ve been sort of burning out on the thing, and I finally realized why: It’s pretty much all I’ve been doing, even on weekends. But the anchor is work, isn’t it? So I drew a line, and decided to have no more work knitting on weekends! The weekend is for family, friends, and myself. And also for knitting for any of those people. That being said…

…I have cast on with the Ultra Alpaca. It couldn’t wait any longer. More updates later. For now, I’m just going to enjoy my weekend. Which, of course, means knitting.

PS – Guess what we had for our (observed) V-Day dinner? Good ol’ fashioned meatloaf! Yes!

  1. LOVE the drawing dude with the beard. So hilarious. Plus the knitting is fantastic. I like your hat, I don’t think I’d be able to pull that look off … you do though.

    • Thanks! If you think it looks good, though, just wait until I post a picture of someone with dreads to fill it out!

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