Fake Weekend, Real Post; or, Cows are 3 Potholders Long

So the snowstorm gave me a second day off as well. Pretty danged sweet. Then it was back to work for one day, and then the real weekend. I drank black black tea too late in the day yesterday, and I’m a little cranky for lack of sleep. I also keep making typos and spelling things phonetically. (i.e., I need to put this letter in the “male”)

Work-wise, I’m mainly just cranking out anchor pieces, (I’ll never get to use phrases like this again, gotta take advantage!) which is another way of saying I don’t have anything interesting to put forth here.

I do enjoy working with my 13s, though. Get a load of the awesome color. If pepto-bismol had a distant cousin that came in a male-oriented color, I think it would be this. Also, these things are something like 9 inches, instead of the standard 10. All things considered, I find them to have the most character out of all my needles. I’ve still got enough social contact to keep me from naming them, though. Always a good sign for my sanity.

My last snippet: Cowls. It’s been suggested that I should dabble in making these things by several people now. DISCLAIMER: Did I say I was kind of cranky earlier? I get sort of rant-ish here, and it makes me sound… well, like a dick. Pardons all around, especially if you make cowls.

I don’t follow trends much, (don’t set them either,) and that certainly carries over into my knitting. I wonder if it’s a lost opportunity on Etsy to refuse to make the danged things, but they just seem so… I don’t know. The thesaurus part of my brain is fried right now, but imagine a slightly quaint, sardonic adjective there. Cowls, though, are basically 3 potholders long with a couple of too-expensive oversized wooden buttons done up at a ninety-degree angle. (Before typo was corrected: “Cows are basically 3 potholders long…” Ha. That would be an awesome cow.)

Maybe I, a male, just don’t get it. If you want a warm neck, get a scarf. Don’t spend more money on something made with considerably less yarn and infinitely less effort on the maker’s part. If cowls were a third of the price, I could understand. But take a look at the average price on Etsy, then do a search for “scarf”. Scarves are comparable, sometimes even cheaper! But I know there are plenty of sellers out there using the $5-a-piece balls of Lion Brand Wool-Ease T&Q, and maybe not even the whole ball. Maybe those are twenty dollar buttons?

I know, I’m being a dick. I don’t mean to say that handcrafters shouldn’t be paid for their work.  Goodness knows I’m in no better shape with how quickly (and cheaply) I can toss a hat off my needles. And some cowls are genuinely beautiful articles knitted in fine fibers. But if I ever make cowls, I’m pricing them at no higher than 10 or 15 bucks, hang me if I don’t.

Shawls, though. Those are something I wouldn’t mind making sometime.

  1. Hannah van Loon said:

    You were cranky, but I like the picture of the needles:)

  2. rebkatz said:

    Yep, my cowl used about 1/3 or less of a skein of Wool Ease T&Q and took only one day (not a full day, of course) of knitting. Though I still haven’t sewn on the buttons. (Not selling it on Etsy though. At least not yet 😉 )

  3. See, I always thought that cowls were supposed to be more like snoods, and that the things that people call cowls nowadays were actually neckwarmers.

    But I agree. I love a beautifully done cowl and I like that workers are being paid properly, but I would druther pay for the yarn than the finished object.

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