I can already remember why that hoodie took so frigging long. This hemp is, at best, for making seashell necklaces for guys who wear plaid shorts from Hollister in high school. Or for utility use in the garden or something. It’s possible to knit up, but the dang stuff feels like it’s rubbing my fingertips raw, and it’s been… 2 rows? Cripes.

This, though, is going to be a fun item. My future brother-in-law sports some pretty wicked dreadlocks, and he needs something to put them in. I had thought

originally to crochet the thing, but after getting a few circular rings, I realized I had no idea what I was doing. Best stick to what you know. I did get a nice hemp doily / coaster out of the experiment, though.

Casting on with this stuff was awful. My needles are maybe a half size too small and are smooth aluminum, so they fall right out of the thirty-odd stitches on each needle if I’m not careful. Which I wasn’t, multiple times in one bus ride. So really, I cast on about 5 times today. More updates after I’ve had a chance to work on it on the bus. I’ll be saving the post until perhaps tonight or tomorrow.

As a side note, activity is picking up on the facebook page! It seems I have some friends (and my fiancee!) to thank for posting about me on their own walls. If any of y’all read this, thanks very much! I’ve got only the smallest assortment of friends on my personal facebook page, so I never really reached beyond people who already knew about my work. It’s nice to know that strangers might take a look at the store or the blog. Anyway. End of metablogging snippet.

Update: The Next Day

Snow day! That’s right! For Chicago Public Schools, it’s the first in twelve years. For my office, it’s the first since I started work last year, and from before that, I wouldn’t know. I don’t know what tomorrow will bring, but I’ll be checking my office’s emergency hotline for any closings. I’m hoping for day 2 off as well, but I shouldn’t be too greedy. Still, it was nice. Have you ever added salt to your hot cocoa? You should.

Well, the tam is coming along! Despite getting out of work nearly 2 hours early yesterday, the weather was already bad enough to render my usual bus ride into a crawling, two hour clusterf—. Sorry for the implied cuss, but I feel it was appropriate. When I disembarked a couple blocks early, I ended up passing not only my own bus, but the one ahead of us on the route in only 2 minutes. Note to self: never take anything but the el in blizzards. You can’t trust other drivers not to make a complete mess of things. Back on topic.

Despite having that two-hour ride to work on things, I made little, if any, progress. My needles kept slipping out, stitches were dropped all over the place, half a round needed undoing because I miscounted. It was just no good at all. There was a net gain of progress, but I must have spent well more than half my time fixing mistakes I was making.

Later that night, I swapped a size up and put the whole thing on circulars. I’d refrained before because I lacked a circular in the right size, but it had gotten to a point where it wasn’t worth it. For one, it’s not for knitting. For another, the finished item is for a guy who has dreadlocks. I don’t mean to stereotype, but I don’t think he’ll really be checking for subtle needle sized shifts, or even care if he somehow knew. (Micah, if you’re reading… don’t, maybe?) It’s going to be a simple affair, with 4 sets of 5 eyelets spiraling up the tam. Except one of them has a 6th that I added by accident and am keeping.

No more wall of text. Agh. It being a snow day, I’ve gotten a lot done, happily. I also heard back on the anchor, and will be knitting up the pieces throughout the coming week, hopefully to finish soon. Here’s all the templates I have to doubly replicate in yarn:

Turns out those triangular pieces were the most complex shapes of the bunch, and the rest should be easy street. Off to work!


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