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Sorry Hannah!

Nothing like an extended break to really forget what you’re doing! Friday I took a much-needed day off from my drudgery-for-pay gig that you might call a job. All the sleeping and free time has me a bit out of whack still.

Well, my first item of business: Etsy photos. I’d been tired of having such a hodgepodge of glass heads, differently-colored walls, angles, etc etc. I wanted better photos, but the problem was that I am out for work from 7AM to 6PM. In wintertime in Chicago, that means I don’t get out during daylight hours too much, which also means that photos are probably never going to look great. It’s what I originally took Friday off for, but forgot, so did them yesterday when there was thankfully enough natural lighting and a blank wall for my backdrop. Here’s my favorite!

I’ll have them all on the Etsy page later in the evening, if you care to check. I may have to redo a few of them, but at least they look consistent with one another now.

Secondly: my current projects. In my flurry of post-anchor activity, I’d been neglecting other projects on my plate. One of which being a hat.

Not my usual hat, though. I’m actually testing a pattern for someone else and giving them feedback. I’m using some yarn I ripped from a decent sweater from the thrift store, but I’m really wishing I washed the thing before ripping it. It feels dirty in my fingers. 😦

I will also be taking up the anchor again in the coming days. I’ve been told that the bulkier yarn in moss stitch was the favorite, but they still need to sew the sample pieces together, so I’m waiting on the “official” word before continuing.

Also! A sale! A good friend of mine decided to purchase a couple things from my Etsy store, and was fine with the colors I had on hand, so I don’t have to re-work anything. Nice.

And lastly, another custom order. I don’t expect to post about these again until I actually get a chance to start, but a former co-worker of mine finally met up with me to decide on a yarn for a pair of mittens and a headband thing. I do actually want to make some nice mittens, and having never made any before, will be voluntarily working from a pattern. (gasp!) It will be the Magic Mirror pattern by Kristel Nyberg, which caught my eye on Ravelry recently. Much as I’d love to find my own way to something that works, these already look lovely, and I’ve got all the right stuff for it.

Take a look! http://www.ravelry.com/patterns/library/magic-mirror-2

Well that does it for today. I feel like my posts have been very loosely organized, but that’s what I get for having multiple projects on my plate and trying to plan a wedding on top of it all. I’m really just trying to keep up with it all.

Bonus Photo: I made two 4-inch chocolate cheesecakes. I also flipped one upside down on top of the other, but only after putting chocolate ganache between them. The texture wasn’t perfect, but it was still pretty darned good!


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