Short Weekend, Long Post

Weekends are a blessing and a curse. They’re the biggest chunk of my free time (read: time that I knit), but they’re also the time when I’m most apt to be away from computers. I spend 40+ hours per week in front of my work screens, and it’s nice to cut away from it. Well, mostly. There will always be part of me that wants to check blogs, facebook, and view counts of Etsy, but that part of my brain can wait for Monday. As it did.
It was worth it, too. Got to spend a lot of time with my future in-laws, my actual family, and a second set of future in-laws (my brother gets married in a month!). It was good, and full of unhealthy food.

So, that being said, I have a lot to post that’s built up since last time. Some of it important, lots of it not.  As a way of illustration, I’ve used every category I’ve got besides socks (and I could do “socks”, too, if I included this morning’s bus ride), and have even created new categories. But don’t worry! I’ve split it into nice, numbered, (semi)focused chunks, so in between sections you can feel free to leave, get a drink, or just quit reading altogether.

Also. I seem to be missing my camera USB cord, so the post won’t go up until tonight when I’ve got it. Dang!

1. The gloves. I know, I said I wouldn’t post again about them ’cause they’re done. But I just wanted to share the link again and to show off my lovely model. I dare say this is the most “professional” photo I’ve got up on Etsy right now. Also, click the photo for the Etsy page.


2. A Saturdayhat!

I’ve got all this acrylic yarn I bought on sale, and while it’s not my favorite fiber, it’s my favorite size to work with. It was probably time for a bolder color anyway.

I tried a re-do of that basket-weave slouch hat, but this time I incorporated a second color for all of the knit stitches, which did two things. It really accentuated the “woven” look, and it pulled it in way tighter.

Thank goodness I followed the plan as if for a slouch hat, because this thing barely fits on my (admittedly above-average sized) head. It’s a beanie now. And quite a good one!


3. Cheesecake!

I usually don't go for the standard "fruit-and-graham-cracker-crust" cheesecakes.

I know, I know. I said this would be a focused blog way back in the beginning, but I’m taking it back. It is still a knitting blog for sure. It is not a food blog. But I can’t help it.

Those of you who I’ve had the pleasure of knowing in person will know that I take considerable pride in my cheesecakes. It is probably the only thing besides knitting that I would love to pursue for profit. I meant to a few months back, but got lazy about posting flyers.

Oh, yes. It's real.

“Hindenburg Cheesecakes” it would be called. And it would be called such for the fact that I have a rubber stamp of the Hindenburg crashing, which I put on the flyers and the cake boxes.
I won’t go in-depth about the process or impressions of the cheesecake, but I will say this: it was a white chocolate strawberry/raspberry cheesecake. I made it for a mini-reception for a couple of newlyweds over the weekend. It was incredible.

I could have eaten the whole thing. And thrown up. And still, I think I would have loved it.


4. Last item, I swear. Ravelry. And no, no photos in this section. 😦

Holy smokes! Have you seen this site? You can catalog everything about your knitting, even your stash of yarns! I don’t think I’ll get too invested into the site, as it appears to be a major time-hole for a person like me, but it will be kind of cool.

I learned about this last weekend, when a coworker of mine approached me, asking “Are you Tyler or Josh?” (Tyler and I are about the only two young white guys at my office.) Apparently, word has gotten around the office that I’m a knitter, and so she’s asking for my help on a baby dress. She asked if I was on ravelry, and I said “no” then, but I’ll say “yes” now. Check the links on the sidebar for it.

FINALLY. I am home and with the camera cord. Sorry for the late post, but this is what my forgetfulness does sometimes. Also what my 11-hour workday does, thanks to a wonderful commute.

And that’s it. Thanks for bearing with me!

  1. rebkatz said:

    CHEESECAKE! That looks absolutely delicious. I may have to blog about my own (less attractive, still delicious) cheesecake one of these Fridays.

    • I fully support any and all postings even remotely dealing with cheesecake!
      And thanks! It was pretty good, thanks to my mom’s startlingly easy recipe. I may have to post it one of these days.

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