I declare a thumb… truce?

Quick update. Hey, guess what! I finished the first glove! It turned out well. The cuff, being fisherman’s rib (or my attempt at it) is a little poofier than the rest and flares out from the body of the work, since the main portion is also pulled in by cables a bit. I swatched it, but apparently not enough, and my hastily added stitches were too loose. As my fiancee says, nobody will notice but me, which is probably true. Thankfully, as the glove stretches on the wrist, the cuff does no appear any larger than the rest of the glove, once worn.

Is it a glove? It’s a fingerless mitt-type thing. I think mitt is the official term.

And yes, I tackled the waste yarn thumb technique (not sure if there’s an official term for it)! I am in love with it, and want nothing more than to make gloves and mittens now. I feel a craze coming on.

Anyway. It’s gloriously soft! The cabling wasn’t quite what I planned, but nothing ever is, and it looks nice so who cares! I’ll retroactively add a link to the Etsy item once it’s up (and maybe new pictures), but as the second glove will be no different, (or at least shouldn’t be,) I don’t really expect to add another post for the completion of the set. That being said, enjoy the photos! These might be one of my favorite projects I’ve done. At least recently.

And and update! Here’s the link: Soft Wool Cabled Mitts

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