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Multiple items in this one. First of all, the anchor! I finished off the pieces and got them all ready to be sent off. I finished them over the weekend after Saturday’s mail had already gone out, so I waited for today. I had the day off, and planned to get out to the post office early, but found that they, too, had the day off. I mean, it’s MLK day, so why wouldn’t they? I just don’t know my postal holidays. My fiancée agreed to mail them for me tomorrow while I’m at work, so all is well. Getting a tracking number this time, though. Did I say that before? Anyway, here they are:

NOTE: I have no idea where I saved that picture. Retroactive update shall be done.

The seed stitch pieces on the size 7 needles probably worked out the best. The stockinette piece in the smaller yarn looks OK, but it took so much blocking to get it to stop curling that it’s lost a lot of its texture, so I’m not happy with it. But when have I ever been happy with stockinette?

Next up: another hat! This was my Sunday project, which I happily made as soon as my hands were free from the anchor work. It feels good to have the 13 dpn’s in my hands again, and the familiar clacking they make. Bigger needles are nicer on my hands, too. I mean, I’m in my early twenties, but my mom got arthritis or whatever pretty early, and I’ve been doing office work for the past 2 years. I’m just a little worried I’ll get weak hands and wrists before my time, and that my work will suffer for it.

The hat, though. It’s the basket weave hat that popped into my head while the checkstitch was on my needles, and I must say, it looks even more checkered than the other! I think I might do this again in two colors, see how it goes. It was a nice one-day project, hopefully it gets some attention on Etsy. Check it here.



pretty nice, eh?

Next up and already started: gloves.

Finally, I shall prove that I can sell more than just hats! That’s all I’ve had on Etsy so far, despite having made plenty of other objects.

My fiancée has some fingerless mitts that I want to imitate, and I’ve got two skeins of some amazing Shepherd’s Wool from the Stonehedge Fiber Mill in Michigan that I used on my cardigan ages ago. It’s unbelievably soft, without sacrificing warmth. It’s not scratchy, either. It is, I dare say, some of the most perfect wool I’ve had the pleasure of working with. Good to have it in my fingers again.


Side note: I’ve never looked up how to make gloves or fingers before (I once looked up how to start a thumb gusset, but that’s it!), and I am once again rethinking my stubbornness. Knitting in waste yarn and then taking it out?? It literally blew my mind. Gloves mean something entirely different now, having become something much more manageable.


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