Pants Ahoy!

Yes. Knitted pants.

I’ve been meaning to post this for a while now, but something always seems to keep me from it. Usually not having the photos. And if you’re thinking “those are some UGLY danged pants!”, well, I agree with you. And that’s the idea.

My sister said to me some time ago last year that she wanted some knitted pants. She said to make them hideous. Well, here we are! It took a while to formulate just how I’d go about making them so deliberately hideous, but I had the solution all along, and had been waiting for just such an opportunity to use it: Lion Brand Homespun Yarn.

Don’t get me wrong here. I’ve made stuff with Homespun before that I genuinely liked. Some of the colors look really great, on their own and in combination, too. But not the kinds I had. My mom’s friend moved to Texas a while back, and she had “some yarn” leftover, asked my mom if I’d like to have it. Sure, why not! Well, I didn’t know what I was in for. A bag full of Homespun in colors (for the most part) only appropriate for Easter and baby clothes. I don’t need electric blues and pinks! So I let it sit. I tried a couple scarves and a blanket, but those never got far.

I wanted to use it somehow and make it into something, but I couldn’t bring myself to work with the stuff. See, I like color combinations, stripes and such, but when given the choice, I would much rather work in a single color and do an interesting stitch design, cabling, etc. And this stuff is awful for it! Its bumpy appearance makes all but the simplest designs disappear. Seed stitch or plain stockinette? Garter? Who knows!

Another complaint: it is essentially acrylic fiber wrapped around sewing thread. Which is fine, but my needles always seem to pierce the strand, making occasional stitches too tight, or they tear and leave loose fuzzy ends in my work.

Is it a good yarn? Undoubtedly. It makes a really soft finished product. It just isn’t for me or my knitting style.

Back to pants. I decided that these garish colors would certainly not go well together, so I took a handful of colors and my fiancee’s size 40 needles and got to work. I need to do one last half of a pant leg, and then sew it together, but it’s been on indefinite hiatus while my other projects took over.

I did get a good idea from these, though. In complimentary colors,  a really bulky-knit scarf could look really good. And I (against my long-held grudge) bought some Homespun for that very purpose. Look for it in the coming weeks.

  1. Hannah van Loon said:

    You make me laugh with all your ranting about homespun yarn!

    • I try to be fair to the stuff, but it really tests my resolve.

  2. rebkatz said:

    Those are terrible, in the best possible sense of the word!

    And I love that you have a blog category called “general rambling.” My life is general rambling.

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