Anchor! – Custom Order in Progress

Draft began 1/03/11:

This should’ve gone up yesterday, but of course I don’t have my camera handy, and I don’t like to post without pictures.

So, yesterday I look through my mail and find… a red folder! For a moment I was a little confused as to what I was receiving, but then I remembered about my next project. I am to be knitting the cover for a large plush anchor for someone on Etsy. It is an admittedly quirky project request, but I already like it, and I’ve not yet started.

The folder, of course, was full of the templates for each piece of the cover, which I’d been expecting. I was told the yarn would be shipped directly to me, and what should be in today’s mail but a box! Full of skeins and skeins of yarn! I hardly need to tell you that I love new yarn. It’s some pretty basic, black yarn, but I’ve worked with both sorts, and I know how I like to use them.

Now, here’s my dilemma. I really love honeycomb brioche, and it’s a pattern that looks exceptionally great on larger pieces of knitting like this. I sent a sample picture to the client, and they seemed to like it as well. It looks better the more repetitions of the stitch that are present, so the small yarn would make the most of it, though the large yarn will be softer. Of course, I have both yarns and can simply knit up each. Some pieces, though, are to be curved, and unless there’s some kind of secret to it I can’t figure out, honeycomb brioche is next to impossible to do subtle shaping with. I can get a single increase to blend in with the stitching pretty easily, but a plain 45-degree angle isn’t much use to me here. With the smaller yarn, though, I might just be able to swing it, and any sort of “jagged” edges won’t be sticking out as much.

I already know that I’m going to knit up both types of yarn, but the Hometown USA yarn will just have to be something simple like a thermal stitch, seed stitch or the like.

Updated 1/6/11:

I’ve got no new pictures for the post after Monday, but I did get started on my work finally. It’s moss stitch with the Hometown USA right now, and I’m really excited about how well it’s knitting up.

I went against my usual nature and checked out a book on knitting. I don’t know why I am so determined to figure out these techniques on my own, when a five-minute read can tell me all I need to know. Shortrows is what I mean! I’ve been doing it wrong! If I had a picture, I’d show you what I’ve learned, and I’m sure I will at some point.

The template I’m working on right now (the fluke of the anchor), has no straight edges. I’d never had to add a curve to a horizontal edge before, but the shortrows did it just right. One side of the fluke down… a few to go. 7, actually. But now that I’ve got the first one down, the rest should knit up right quick.

Updated 1/11/11:

Grrr. As much as I love brioche, I had to scrap it. I can get an increase to look decent at one very specific angle, but as far as decreases go, there was just no way of doing it, especially not at a gradually curving rate. Thankfully, I was not very far prior to ripping and restarting in seed stitch. Still, I hate having to rip out work.

That being said, the seed stitch pieces look great, and the bulky yarn pieces are all finished. Might be ready to mail them all out by… tomorrow? Let’s say the day after next. I really have to get crackin’, though.

Easy as this project is, I already find myself fantasizing about new hats and maybe even some mittens. Even when I’m knitting, I’d rather be knitting. Patience!

Updated 12/13/10:

Last piece is nearly done. Yes, it took longer than I intended, but that is in part due to these needles. They’re so frigging long that I can’t knit on the bus without continually knocking the elbows of those next to me or to scrape along the window.

I almost like the plain stockinette stitch better for these pieces, which is not usual for me. I think it’s just easier to shape, and it’s smooth. But it’s not my anchor, so we’ll see what the customer says once they get these. Probably going in the mail tomorrow. And I’m getting a tracking number this time! Not knowing if my first hat ever made it to Brooklyn until after the fact was more stressful than it needed to be.

Also, I think I am going about these posts the wrong way. On the home page, it won’t look like I’m posting much unless you click through. Today’s posting will finish up as it is, but expect future posts to be formatted differently.  Each update will have its own post and will simply share a common tag with the posts that preceded it. For instance, you’ll notice that this post is now tagged with “Anchor – Custom Order”. Oh, and no more of those “read more” page breaks. I’ll just limit the number of posts on the home page so that it doesn’t get too lengthy. I will not, however, go back and retroactively edit my posts, as that would take more time than I’d like to spend on a blog that has 2 subscribers that I know of. I’m sure you didn’t really need to know all of that, but hey. If you’re reading, I’d like to keep you up to date on changes here, because I’m just that considerate!


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