A hat.

Draft written 1/03/11:

Trying out something different from my usual stuff.

I started with a large, tight brim and then increased frequently throughout the next few rows. Almost went with a beret-like idea, but I’m decreasing slower, and it will be more like some kind of slouchy hat.

8 even stripes going up, alternating between knit and purl for each stripe and then switching every handful of rows. The end result is a checkerboard knit/purl design, which is adding some quirky shaping to the hat body.

When I recreate this in snapdragon (I’ve just got to use up these yarn colors!), I will try it in basket weave design, but making the purl squares a bit longer than the knit squares. You can look it up, or wait to see it later.

Update: Now

Guess it’s all up in one post. Took a while to finally get the camera cord, and here we are with all the photos. I finished the hat on Tuesday, and just today got it up on Etsy. I wanted to call it “checkered”, but wouldn’t that mean that it has two colors? Or at least I thought it should. It was a checked design done solely by varied stitches, and so I arrived at the name “checkstitch“.

I have to say, I might be somewhat won over by this type of hat. It’s easy to make, and being a looser hat, any blemishes or sizing issues are not as pronounced or even as important. Not to say that there were blemishes in this hat, though! For once, decreasing was even all the way up, and I only had to go back once very briefly at the end, when I’d bound off all but one stitch that popped down a few rows when trying it on. (Which was nerve wracking. I caught it before it hit the decrease, though; crisis averted.) Yup. A distinctly feminine hat, for once.

I do plan to make another sometime soon, but I have to focus on the anchor for a bit. And I haven’t posted on that yet, either.

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