Goals ‘n’ Such

Alternative title: obligatory new year post.
Disclaimer: I’m not actually setting any goals here.

So what have I learned lately? I’ve learned that I’m not quite as clever as I like to think. Those ear flaps will simply not stay down. I’m going to add some braided tassels to them to try and weigh them down a bit, but I can’t get over how ridiculous my silhouette looks with this hat (yes, I’ve been wearing it a lot). It reminds me of dog ears.

You see, I’ve been observing other hats with similar flaps for some time, noting what I like and what I don’t, and there is one thing I cannot stand: stark angles. I want them to gently curve up towards the hat first, then to curve back out to gently to merge with the brim. I hate seeing little triangles hanging over people’s ears. With a smaller yarn, this might be easier to do, but having only a few rows to work with, I did what I could, thought myself grand for it, etc etc. What, in hindsight, I overlooked: not all stitches are created equally. I know this to be true in respect to the method, and always prefer picking up from below, or sometimes doing a yarnover from the last row; I ignored this fact in respect to location.

I can recall working on those knitted headbands a while ago and how the increases in the center of the work gave it a cupped shaping, and of course I should know this. I was so caught up in creating something new to me that I threw in all my increases at the edges in order to leave a more ordered, flat look to the flaps, and it has left them warped. I also should have worked more increases on one side of the flap than the other. I was too focused on creating symmetry within the individual flap instead of the hat as a whole. Let this be a mental note for the future: projects need more visualization.

Speaking of, I’m looking forward to my new projects: my sister’s pants (which I’ve still yet to post, despite them being almost done), a nice, new, and simple scarf idea (3 skeins at once on size 40 needles), and other hats. I’ve still got the majority of the taupe and snapdragon yarns I bought in bulk, and now have time again to experiment with hat styles. I started one on the bus about an hour ago. I’m attempting a looser beret-style hat, but I don’t really know what I’m doing. Pictures and a post tonight maybe. Multiple posts, actually.

I’m too stubborn to look at a pattern.


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