Ear Flaps! — Hat Finished!

Originally posted this morning:

Freedom! With my first custom order out of the way, and my next not started yet (waiting for a template via snail mail), I’m now back to simply knitting with no deadlines or express purposes in mind. It’s refreshing, to say the least. And I decided that it was about time I attempted knitting two colors at once. So far, it’s all guesswork, but we’ll see what happens. I’m hoping there’s nothing to it.

I've never done this before, but I really like the colors.I was debating whether or not to bring another project along to my soon-to-be-in-laws’ house, and, as always, the part of me obsessed with productivity won out. I started the ear flaps on the train, and juts added in the second color in. It’s looking great so far, but I’m pausing work for the moment so that I can visualizeĀ  what design is going to work with my stitch count. It won’t be even. It’s just going to be diamonds, I think, but with smaller yarn I’d have sprung for argyle.

Play castle, you mock me from the corner.

More updates as we go.

Update 12/30/10, 9:04 PM:
Only one update, I guess! I’ve actually had the thing finished for a while and have been wearing it around. Results are as follows:

Can you tell I'm excited?

I added a crocheted edging in the accent color around the bottom, and it looks ok. A little rumpled, but I didn’t have an appropriately sized crochet hook on hand. A lot that were too big or too little, though! My future mother-in-law gave me a huge box of some extremely old knitting and crocheting needles and other doodads. I might post that here at some point, but it is a glorious site to behold. So, so many needles, stuck into pieces of cardboard that say something like “$1.00” on them. And a particular set of needles is a nauseating (read: excellent) shade of turquoise.

Back onto the hat. The second color, as it turned out, was very easy to work with. I could have started it a little earlier, maybe even snuck a tiny pattern into the ear flaps. The hat as a whole was a quick knit, taking only small chunks of my day while riding around in a car. I guess that spiral hat had me lulled into different expectations of progress. The ear flaps? Too wide. I forgot to include the added border into my initial plan, but even pre-border they were pushing it. I’ve got a good idea how to adjust this in the future, but for an unplanned, patternless excursion into the unknown (too dramatic?), I’d call it a success, blemishes notwithstanding. And I got a hat out of it!


Alpine Bearkiller maybe?


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