Very First, and also Very Short

I’ve got about another minute before my computer finishes what it’s doing, and another minute before midnight, interestingly. As I am still awake and somewhat functional (please pardon any repetitive adjectives, my vocab gets smaller the longer I’m awake), I thought I might start things off here.

What should I be doing here? Not existentially, I feel ok on that front. I mean in this blog. My fiancée and I were discussing it earlier today, and I guess this is going to be another craft blog, sort of.

Oh, yes. My name’s Josh. I knit, and sort of crochet, but only just learned that. I mean to pick up woodcarving soon. I’m really trying to get that “bearded” portion of my username to stop being a lie, but no amount of will can make my chin decide to stop being so patchy. Someday, I hope to have a beard worth buying specific shampoo for.

Anyway. I just thought this would be a nice space to keep track of my projects. I try to get some things sold on etsy, but this past Christmas season saw me knitting a lot of items as gifts. I’d love to show them on etsy as more examples of my work, but I can’t exactly post something “for sale” that I won’t actually have in my posession. So that’s what this is. A way to keep track of what I’m making, and maybe some thoughts I have about what I make or while I make them.

Promise: this isn’t going to be a thought blog. This is about crafting. It will also not be a rumination on the magic of creating, the validation that comes from holding a tangible product of one’s own work, etc etc. Doubtless if you’re into crafts, you probably get that, and maybe you read a book about it, too. I fully expect I will lean that way at times, but as I said, that’s not what this is about. I know a blog is inherently self-important, but I guess I’m ok with that.

Apparently my computer thinks jumping from 2 minutes remaining to 11 is reasonable. I guess I don’t have much else to say, and no longer any excuse to put off laundry. (Too journal-y sounding?) I’ve got a couple of projects to put up on here already, but that’s what tomorrow (technically today) is for. Sleep times.

If you’re reading, thanks.


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  1. Hannah van Loon said:

    I like where this blog is headed, my love!

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