Second Post, First Project

Lunch break at work.

I thought now would be as good a time as any to start the substance. Without further ado, socks!

Isn't that I nice foot? I think so.

Yarg. At full size, it’s grainier than I thought. Guess I’ll use the flash next time. Still, here it is! This is my first sock ever, being worn for the first time on Christmas. It’s about as basic as it gets, just some 2×2 ribbing at the cuff and 3×1 ribbing for the rest. I like adding more stitch designs in my work, but I didn’t want anything to get lost in the self-striping effect of the yarn. I’m quite pleased with the end result, which fit perfectly. Or so my fiancĂ©e tells me.

Of course, I can’t claim to have just dreamed the sock pattern that get me here. Credit is due!
To lead up, I had bought this yarn for the colors, and bought my needles for the other yarn. I ended up with needles 1 size too big for the pattern that came with the yarn. A few inches was enough to know that they would be socks too big for even me, so I went to find another pattern that was simple and for size 3 dpn’s. After quite some time of looking, find it I did.

I was very happy to have found Subversive Knitting‘s Subversive Sock pattern. It’s simple and adaptable, good on its own or as a building block for larger things, which is exactly what I was looking for as my introduction to socks. There hasn’t really been a post there in some time, but that doesn’t mean that the archives aren’t full of some fantastic patterns.

Next socks! Somehow, I squeezed enough time from my days to fit these in before Christmas as well:

I had nothing to do with the sock on her other foot.

1×1 ribbing at the cuff, and then some repeated lace and cabling down the leg. Once cable stops and widens at the instep for a small lace design on the top of the foot, then narrows again for another two twists just before the toe. I’ll admit, this is more my preference for knitting. I like working in a solid color and alter the stitch designs. Stripes are nice, but a good cable will always be my first choice.

Again, credit! This one is primarily an adaptation on the earlier sock, using the same stitch count and heel/toe knitting, but it’s obviously a little higher. For the design itself, I have Lou and Emmms of Loumms to thank and their wonderful Year of Socks, which I’ve honestly been eying for a while. Specifically, I wanted to make “Singing in the Rain”, but my stitch count wasn’t right for it, and I didn’t dare deviate from what I knew would work. Not on my second pair with a Christmas deadline looming. I did, however, incorporate the cabling and lace designs from the sock, and where the cable widens on the instep, I added in a lace raindrop that in the pattern would have been up at the top of the sock had they been done by pattern.

All told, these were fun ones to make. I plan to return to that page and tackle the Court Line eventually, but I’ve got a couple custom orders from Etsy that I’m doing right now. Oh, and also some pants. My sister asked for hideous knitted pants, and they are coming along nicely. And hideously. Updates later on that.

Anyway, thanks all whose ideas finally got me to break into socks, even if you didn’t know you did it. It’s now an hour since lunch ought to’ve ended. Makes me a bad worker, I suppose. But a dedicated knitter? Put whatever spin you like on it, I don’t regret it!


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